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The purpose of this page is to provide a list of contacts, information, and directions for homeowners who have lost or cannot afford insurance, are facing financial hardship or foreclosure. The list will be continually updated. If you have suggestions to add, please forward them to colinkeleher@ieee.org.
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United Policyholders

United Policyholders is a non-profit organization that's on your side; we don't take money from insurance companies. We give you the straight scoop on insurance matters. Guide you through the claims process. Answer your questions. Fight for your rights.

Storm Smart Coasts Alabama 

The StormSmart Coasts Network is a web resource dedicated to helping decision makers in coastal communities address the challenges of storms, flooding, sea level rise, and climate change. More than just a website, this network of state and local sites gives coastal decision makers a definitive place to find and share the best resilience-related resources available, and provides tools for collaboration.



Your information website for Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Short Sale. Information is Power --- And Hope!

The Insurance Guy

An Independent Insurance Agency representing many different insurance companies throughout Mobile, Daphne Alabama

The Insurance Guy Blog

Insurance and news in Baldwin/Mobile County

General List of Useful Web Pages


Provides instant access to a network of qualified inspectors who will inspect your property in accordance with your insurance provider and complete the required forms.


Actuarial Standards Board


Code of Alabama
Title 27: Insurance - Chapter 1
Department And Commissioner of Insurance


Citizens for Homeowners’ Insurance Reform (Massachusetts)


Congregations for Community Action (Florida)


Quest for Social Justice (Alabama)

Lutheran Episcopal Services in MS (Mississippi)



Information on proposed federal Multiple Perils Insurance Legislation plus much more about homeowner insurance crisis.



Homeowners Insurance is made easy with SSIA. If you’re like most Americans, your home is probably your most valuable possession. Obtaining a replacement cost homeowner’s policy from a financially stable firm will ensure that you are properly protected. SSIA represents a multitude of reputable insurance carriers who offer competitive rates and comprehensive coverage. As an independent agency, our loyalty lies with our clients. Therefore we shop the available markets on your behalf to help determine which company and policy is best suited for your needs.

Posted 3/8/2015


Gulfstream Property and Casualty Insurance Company specializes in insuring homes and families throughout the Gulf Coast.  It is an admitted company in Alabama offering competitive pricing for wind coverage with low deductables.

Posted 1/28/2015


The American Association of Insurance Services (AAIS), an organization that develops policy forms and rating information used by more than 700 property/casualty insurers, recently announced that it is filing a “Cosmetic Damage Exclusion” under its Homeowners Program in most states.

The exclusion, available as an optional policy endorsement, would exclude coverage for exterior surfacing of walls, roofs, and/or doors and windows, if wind and hail damage to such surfaces merely affects their appearance, but does not impair their ability to keep out weather elements.

Read AAIS Press Release

Posted 11/25/2014 (Hat tip to United Policy Holders)

Insurance Company writing wind policies

The Malone Agency in Fairhope is writing coverage on the Centaurian Company including named storm damage with deductables as low as 2% of insured value.  Centaurian is an admiited insurance comoant in Alabama.  Call 990-4000 & ask for Kimmie.



The under noted Agency offers policies from this company at rates some 11.5% lower than Lloyd’s. The carrier is part of an insurance conglomerate and is rated by A.M. Best as A- (excellent). Note that A.M Best ratings descend from A++ to A+ (both “superior”) to A to A- (both “excellent”).  Ratings below A- become a bit iffy. .

Greer Crow
First Baldwin Insurance (251) 943.6677
 Fax (251) 943-5436

Posted 11/29/2012


TELL HER MRS. Barbara Sparkman sent you


Courtney Williams
Property and Casualty Agent
The Scott Russell Agency (251) 626-7798 CWilliams8@allstate.com

I am a sales agent for Allstate Insurance, as well as a coastal property homeowner (I own a 1500 sq ft house in Lake Forest Subdivision and have been paying over $3000/year for coverage through Allstate (Fire) and AIUA (wind).

I just wanted to share some info that could potentially save you a ton of money. A couple years ago, Allstate created their own surplus lines carrier/ specialty risk insurer called North Light Specialty Insurance Company (NLSIC). NLSIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Allstate Insurance Company, which not only means it is backed by the financially strong insurance company Allstate, but also gives you the peace of mind that all claims are managed through Allstate Claims Organization. And, to put it quite frankly, NLSIC's rates are kicking butt in the coastal region. I now only pay $1600 for homeowners insurance that INCLUDES WIND COVERAGE.

The rates are low to begin with, but another amazing difference is that NLSIC allows you "build your own policy" and! "buy up" or "buy down" on specific coverages in order to fit your protection and price needs. For example, a standard homeowner's policy will usually just automatically include your personal contents coverage at 50 to 70% of your dwelling coverage, whether you need that much or not. But with NLSIC, if you only want $25,000 or $50,000 or $0 contents coverage, for that matter,you can actually reduce the coverage and the policy premium will be credited. This goes the same for "Other Structures" (anything not attached to your home) and "Additional Living Expenses" (coverage used on housing/food/other living expenses in case you are ever displaced from your home due to a covered claim) coverage and deducitbles on the policy, with the exception of the dwelling coverage, which is based on the Replacement Cost as determind by Marshall Swift and Boeckh.

Another major deal breaker is that NLSIC's underwriting department rates each home individually, based not only on standard underwr! iting guidelines and distance to the shore, but also, for example, on how many trees there are located on your property. You also have discounts for burlgar/fire alarm, storm shutters, Allstate Auto, roof straps, etc etc.

It is not uncommon for the majority of the quotes I do to come back at less than $2000 per year. It does get a little more expensive for areas like Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Dauphin Island, etc... But more than likely we will still be able to save you more than what you are paying right now.

If you are currently with Allstate, call your agent for a quote through the new Allstate owned company NLSIC. If you are not currently with Allstate, call me or any other Allstate agent TODAY and see just how much money and agony we can save you! it will make your day

p.s. I almost forgot... I have gone through 2 years of renewals so far with NLSIC, and there are no big surprises at your renewal. In fact, I've had a majority of our renewals go down in premium over the last couple of years.

Home Insurance Online

Getting your dreams house and living your dream life is one of the most fulfilling goal. You work hard for the building a home. And now, we offer you Home Insurance Online to help you protect your most valued home. We direct you to different kinds of home insurance companies that will cater all your needs. We also give you home insurance quotes and helpful tips on finding the best insurance policy for you.

Grants for retrofitting

The FEMA deadline for applications has passed so, at the moment, there are no grants being awarded beyond those which have already applied. That being said, the state is continuing to pursue funding from other sources and the hope is that more funding for grants will be available soon. I am happy to speak with anyone about mitigation and steer them in the right direction to be sure they are in line and ready for the next round of funding when it becomes available.

Alex Cary Manager,
FORTIFIED Coastal Programs
Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety www.disastersafety.org

Local Legislators

Click on for ways to contact local legislators


Damage Sequence Recorder

I am a licensed engineer on the Gulf Coast (Florida through Texas)and have provided wind vs. water damage causal studies since 2005. These are all related to insurance claims. As everyone knows, money is wasted on me and others to settle disputes on these claims. The critical technical problem is that there is no DIRECT EVIDENCE of what damage is caused by wind or water first. In response to the need for this information, I have a technical device that will record the damage sequence along the coast REAL TIME during a hurricane, thus eliinating claims disputes. Check out our device at www.hurricam.us. If you are a serious supporter or interested large investor, please respond. We nee to produce about 300 of these cameras to address the next hurricane.

Stop the madness.


Pensacola Insurance Inspections & Valuations

Save $$$ With a Wind Inspection TODAY!  Also Offering 4 Point Inspections, Roof Condition Inspections, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Insurance Appraisals! Residential & Commercial!

Mark@PensacolaInsuranceInspections.com http://PensacolaInsuranceInspections.com

Insurance Recovery Information, Tools and Resources

*   Top Ten Insurance Claim Tips

*   Flood Insurance Claim Tips

*   After a hurricane - Insurance claim tips and useful information

*    Roadmap to Recovery Tools Request Form - "Road tested" tools to help document your loss

*   Contents Claim Tips - For Recovering the Costs of Repairing and Replacing Damaged/Destroyed Household Items

*   Insurance Recovery Tips for the Dwelling Part of Your Claim- How to collect the full amount your insurer owes you for what it would reasonably cost to repair/rebuild

*   The Scoop on Scope (of Loss)

*   Speak UP: How to communicate with your insurance company

*   Mold Damage Guide - Information about resources about mold damage

*   Sample Claim and Proof of Loss Forms

Posted 7/2/2013

Is your homeowners insurance falling short?

Based on article by Ruth Simon, Leslie Scism, and Julie Steinberg in
12/8-9/2012 Wall Street Journal

Superstorm Sandy has shown how important it is for homeowners to understand their insurance policy before a storm strikes - and to be ready to act soon after.  By compiling detailed documentation, getting idependent appraisals and keeping in close touch with their mortgage company, storm victims can maximize their payouts and reduce the hassle of filing a claim.

The rules for homeowners insurance can be confusing.  Standard policies cover property damage from fallen trees, wind and fire, but they don't cover water that overflows a river's banks or surges from the ocean.  Nor do they typically cover loss and food spoilage caused by power outages.

Federal flood insurance is designed to fill a void left by the private sector and is sold through specialized policies, dominated by the government's National Flood Insurance Program.

Flood policies don't cover relocation expenses or damage in spaces below ground level, except for HVAC and water systems.  Also, unlike many homeowners policies, flood policies pay for cash value of damaged goods rather than their replacement cost, which is typically higher.

Many insurance policies contain 'anticoncurrent causation' clauses which allows them to deny claims stemming from both covered and uncovered causes.

Here are some additional  steps you can take to maximize your recovery:

Ramp up your record keeping.

Take photos or videos before beginning cleanup and after the work is done

Create a comprehensive list of damaged items, including serial numbers.  Save the damaged items, or keep photos and other documentation.

Keep detailed records of expenditures, including receipts, for repairs, purchases and relocation expenses.

Keep a log of all conversations with insurance representatives.

Challenge insurer estimates.

Provide the insurer with detailed contractor estimates to counter computer models which generate low ball estimates.

Consider hiring a public adjuster.

Make sure they are licensed by checking lists at www.napia.com

File an appeal.

Stay in touch with your mortgage company.

Your insurer will generally issue a claim check, requiring your endorsement, to the mortgage company.

Mortgage companies generally require homeowners to complete an insurance claims package and show proof some percentage of the work is actually done before disbursing any funds.

Take steps to prevent further damage.

Posted 12/11/2012


Homeowner insurance policies can contain really important qualifying adjectives that could easily be used to justify expansive claims denials. 

For example, some carriers insure against what they call "risk of accidental direct physical loss"  and others against "sudden and accidental direct physical loss."

Work with an experienced and reputable insurance agent to cut through all the confusing language, to be sure you have the coverage you want.

5 myths about homeowners insurance
Could disaster strike twice?

Updated 9/10/2012

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