HHII's success depends on your active involvement.  Find where you can help from the opportunities below.
Complete the Volunteer form to let HHII know your interest.

To contact HHII, call Michelle Kurtz or Dan Hanson at 251-928-3430 or email michlkurtz@hotmail.com or colinkeleher@ieee.org


Everyone in Baldwin and Mobile counties is made aware of the Clarity Law data, the injustice, the Work Group activities and is vocally supportive of proposed solutions by December 1.

Inform and motivate all local media to cover the issue aggressively, accurately and deeply and, if possible, editorially support Work Group proposed solutions. Further activate social media, including phone, email and social media distribution trees. Various municipal, property-owner association, club and other newsletters and web pages.

The media committee is looking for retired volunteers who can :

*  Do news reports weekly about Work Group meeting and issues that will be delivered to media, be published on web, maybe even Video reports that go on web and You tube.

*  One or two individuals who will keep Facebook lively.

*  Two individuals who will help hhii’s current two videographers

*   Develop and implement plans for use of Social Media.

If you can help in any of these ways please contact Dan Hanson or Michelle Kurtz at 251-928-3430



HHII and Uncle Henry have been encouraging you to send your letters to Governor Bentley.  Here's how to get your sample template.  Click on the applicable letter and, when the dialog box appears appears, choose save file to your home computer.  If you do not have MS Word, click on the adjacent pdf icon and print out a copy.

* Homeowner's letter  

* Business Owner's letter  

The most effective way to contact the most appropriate staff in the Governor's  constituent services office is by email.  Click on this link and select 'Insurance' from the pull down list of topics.

The mailing address for regular correspondence is:
STATE CAPITOL, 600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36130

Please copy:

Revised 8/9/2014


Call, write, or e-mail (info below) and tell the Governor you want him to do four things

1. Order the necessary validations that assure the public of the purity of the data collected by the Clarity Law by signed affidavits and notarization of the persons who will have the personal knowledge of the data received.

2. Order a date for the timely appearance of the data on web after Oct.1, 2013 in a consumer friendly format.

3. Order that any list of waived companies and reasons why they have been granted a waiver will be on the web at the same time as 2 above, also signed affidavits and notarization by those who have personal knowledge of the documents submitted that justify the waiver.

4. If there are no differences in the claims around the state, then the Governor shall require that there not be any difference in the premiums.  And whatever the difference is in claims, then the same difference should be true of the premiums. The Governor will take action to cause the DOI to issue just premiums throughout the state

Governor's Office Mailing Address

State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Governor's Office Telephone Numbers

Switchboard: (334) 242-7100
Fax: (334) 353-0004
Governor's web site where you can leave an e-mail. You have to select a topic, economy and budget.

Updated 10/13/2012

Fast & Pray

Homeowners' Hurrican Insurance Initiative is a faith based effort.  We know we are wrestling against forces larger than ourselves (Eph. 6:12) and so we rely on God's direction and power.  We take seriously our Lord's admonition in Mat. 17.21 to fast and pray and we invite those who would support us to set aside time to join us in this discipline.


Join a Committee

HHII is powered by individuals operating at the grass roots.  To focus its efforts effectively it has created several committees.  Find one - or several -that appeal to you and indicate your interest on the form at right.

Steering Group Helps determine strategy and priorities
Legislative Committee Executes a strategy that influences legislative bodies, federally and statewide, interviews lawmakers, drafts bills, goes to Montgomery for meetings.
Contact Earl Janssen (251-550-5039) or rosaearl@gulftel.com
Media Committee Executes a strategy to educate the public through newspapers, radio, TV, internet.  We need writers, people who will serve as a liaison for their church/denomination, homeowners associations or any group that will get the work out. 
Contact Dan Hanson at 251-928-3430.
Telephone Committee Each member will have a list which they will be responsible for communicating short messages, collecting information and reporting back. 
Call Michelle Kurtz at 251-928-3430 or michlkurtz@hotmail.com
Speakers Bureau Seeks out speaking engagements, communicates with large and small audiences on the issue of insurance.  We will train you and help you develop a speech. 
Contact Dave.jones1@gulftel.com or call 251-928-3430 and ask for Michelle.
Rallies Committee Executes brief 2 – 3 hour events events in public places that lift up the profile of HHII. How to participate:  hand out fliers, make signs, come to a couple of planning meetings. 
Call Sarah Harris at 251-404-7834 or sarahharris1949@att.net
Alliance Committee Members enlist the help grass-tops leaders of organizations that have a self interest in fixing the premium problem, such as realtors, bankers, homebuilders, chambers of commerce, any organization that can help us promote. 
Contact Carol Peterson at kikicep@aol.com
Fundraising Committee This committee is crucial to our expansion statewide; these people help HHII get appointments, talk to others on behalf of HHII, strategize how to bring in funds and communicate the strategy to the rest of the HHII network.  Contact Dan Hanson at 251-928-3430.
Clergy Committee Clergy who can guide HHII spiritually and help us network with other churches and work denominationally. 
Contact Rev. Bennie Richardson, II (251-458-1810)
Public Hearing Committee Submits letter of request to insurance companies and to the Alabama Department of Insurance (DOI) to review the rational of your insurance hike and then request that the DOI have a public hearing. 
Contact Ken Brown at (615-497-4850) braunschweig7007@aol.com.
Internet Research Committee Gathers information for HHII as needed, good for those who work independently, no real meetings mostly by phone and e-mail.
Call Michelle Kurtz at 251-928-3430 or michlkurtz@hotmail.com
Multi-state Committee Links together non-profits that work with the poor and working poor in Gulf Coast states, educates and strategizes how to influence this issue as a region. How to participate: conference calls, workshops. Call Michelle Kurtz at 251-928-3430 or michlkurtz@hotmail.com

Use Your Special Skills & Abilities

HHII needs volunteers who can help in any of the areas below:

  • Church liaison coordinator - recruit one HHII person from each church who will ensure announcements get into their newsletters, bulletins etc.

  • Research internet for information relevant to HHII

  • Utilize social media such as Twitter & Facebook

  • Update and maintain the HHII website (training can be provided)

  • Coordinate telephone trees.

  • Create and maintain a membership database.

  • Provide sturdy signs for their meetings - banners or stand up signs that can be stuck in the ground and are portable.

  • Design fliers to hand out or insert in church bulletins

  • Set up & take down for large meetings


Below is the reply an HHII member received in response to his recent letter urging Governor Bentley to make changes at the Alabama DOI and take action to resolve the homeowners' insurance crisis.

Click here to see full size letter

This is virtually identical to the letter Governor Bentley sent in response to similar complaints almost a year ago in April, 2014!  It is clear that the Governor has no intention of taking any meaningful action unless he feels grass roots pressure from you and your representative.  Write to the Governor as outlined in the post below and tell your representative to confront Bentley with the need for change NOW.

Posted 3/3/2015

Wouldn’t you like to have a $2000 increase
in disposable income next year
and your wind insurance reduced?

Make it happen by writing Governor Bentley.

Five Facts that you need to know:

1. The Clarity Law requires the insurance companies in Alabama to report by zip code the amount they received in premiums and the amount they paid in claims. We now have 11 years of FACTUAL DATA.

2. Since 2006 Coastal Alabama families have been paying 300 – 600% higher homeowners’ insurance than the rest of the state, plus huge deductibles.

3. In 2013 alone Mobile and Baldwin counties paid $258.7 million in premiums but received only $49.5 million in claims yielding a $209 million difference. A HUGE GOUGE taken out of our family budgets!!

4. Governor Bentley stated that insurance rates on the coast “is unfair the way it is done” on 710 AM in Mobile during the Uncle Henry show September 30, 2014.

5. Existing Alabama law –Title 27 insurance; Chapter 13 Rates & Rating organizations; article 1 states that

* rates must not be excessive to the consumer, 

* Inadequate to the industry,


We need an attitude change in Alabama Department Of Insurance and the Governor is the one person who can make it happen. Take a few minutes to write Governor Bentley how tired you are of the ADOI practicing “unfair discrimination” against the coast. You can write by way of his insurance policy person, suzanna.willis@governor.alabama.gov

Posted 2/24/2015


Various leaders in the group who have the time have made trips to Louisiana, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle. They've made excellent progress building a multi state coastal grassroots network. State Rep. Joe Faust has partnered with this initiatve and has made a significant difference opening doors in every direction. His letterhead, calls from his office and his occasional trips to these other states have added significantly to the "gravitas."

The work in these neighboring states has served as a prototype for the work to be done in the rest of the coastal band -- running from Mexico to Maine. The attached accounting document gives a sense of the cost of this prototype activity. Using their experiences, the various people who gather to brainstorm next steps have developed a three-phase plan that brings the grassroots in all 17 Gulf and Atlantic coastal states into a giant network that requires officials to fix the coastal insurance crisis. Their plan hires ten people like Michelle Kurtz. They will network the coastline in a year.

It will cost about $700,000, and the HHII steering board is working on that. They plan three phases. The first costs about $15,000 (plus about $10,000 for the former head of the Texas Department of Insurance to research some more specific dollar figures). The second costs about $60,000. Both phases will be evaluated to determine whether to proceed. The third requires the rest of the $700,000 in a lump sum. The steering committee members are looking to foundations and other sources that can offer substantial portions of that needed amount. This board has gathered an impressive list of signatories who will endorse a funding request made to foundations.

You can help if you know people at foundations and can open doors with them.

The "Business Plan" A dedicated group of Alabama HHII participants are gathering and fleshing out the details of ideas for how a special coastal catastrophic insurance district running along the coast from Mexico to Maine should be designed and managed to best suit the consumer/family/communty.

That conversation is in the early stages. There are currently 5 ideas that are being built out. The rule right now is to talk about all ideas, collect them on a grid, flesh them out, and decide later which ones are best. It makes for fun conversation if anyone wants to join the "brains" as they proceed. It's getting interesting, too, because brains from other states will soon be joining the process.
Click here to read a summary of the status of the discussions.

Call EMI (Dan Hanson) at 251-928-3430 if you want to get into the design conversaton.

Posted 10/15/2013


HHII need more volunteers to present the facts about coastal Alabama's  insurance crisis to community organizations.  You will be provided a script and trained on how to use power point. Call Michelle at 251-928-3430 if you are willing and able to help

.Posted 9/9/2013


YOU ALL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED AMAZING THINGS and come Nov. 1st the world will know by zip code / county what are the dollar amounts for claims and premiums. Do we deserve these premiums that are 330% - 600% higher than the state average? We will find out the answer. This will directly challenge the crazy catastrophe models that have been extracting billions out of our pockets.

AND THE NEWSPAPERS ARE NOT COVERING IT!! So that means we need to get the word out with e-mails, facebook and fliers. Please give HHII an idea how wide we might be able to cast this net – tell us how many of your friends would read your e-mail if you marked it urgent. This needs to be a number of those close friends who take your e-mails seriously, not the blasts that are hit or miss.


Posted 10/8/2013


HHII urgently needs the help of individuals familiar with Twitter and Facebook who can help us use these applications to get the word out.

Posted 9/3/2012


HHII needs a backup webmaster.  If you already have some background in web page design and understand CSS, DWT, & html, or if you would like to learn, please contact Colin Keleher at colinkeleher@ieee.org or (251) 610-9670

Posted 9/3/2012


It’s time for the Department of Insurance collect actual, county-by-county data -- real, actual, solid historical numbers -- and start making insurance decisions based on facts not fear and hunches.

Learn more about HHII and the Insurance Clarity Bill which fixes this giant hole in the data base.  It's a remarkable bill, sponsored by Sen. Ben Brooks this year, drafted with the help of Senator Trip Pittman and the entire Baldwin Legislative Delegation, co-sponsored and/or supported by Democrats and Republicans, endorsed by city governments like Fairhope and Daphne, and organizations like Executive Women International, Mobile; the Quest for Social Justice; the Alabama Christian Coalition and the Alabama Realtors Association.

Now is the time.

Governor Robert Bentley has called for a special blue ribbon insurance task force to develop solutions; he has promised to call a special session of the state legislature to address this crisis; the entire state is sensitive to the issue, now. The season is ripe.

Learn more. Join the rest of us in developing solutions that fix this crisis.

Email Michelle Kurtz at kurtz@hotmail.com or call her at 251-928-3430.

Posted 6/2/2011


HHII is a grass roots organization which depends on individual involvement for its success.  Call individuals listed at left to let us know where you would like to help.


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