HHII is powered by individuals operating at the grass roots.  To focus its efforts effectively it has created several committees.  Their purpose and decisions are detailed below.


Meeting Notes

Description of HHII Committees

Alliances Committee – members enlist the help grass-tops leaders of organizations that have a self interest in fixing the premium problem, such as realtors, bankers, homebuilders, chambers of commerce, any organization that can help us promote. Contact Carol Peterson at kikicep@aol.com.

Clergy Committee – clergy who can guide HHII spiritually and help us network with other churches and work denominationally. Contact Rev. Bennie Richardson, II (251-458-1810) PastorRichardson2@yahoo.com

Fundraising Committee – this committee is crucial to our expansion statewide, these people help HHII get appointments, talk to others on behalf of HHII, strategize how to bring in funds and communicate the strategy to the rest of the HHII network. Contact Dan Hanson at 251-928-3430.

Internet Research Committee – gathers information for HHII as needed, good for those who work independently, no real meetings mostly by phone and e-mail. Call Michelle Kurtz at 251-928-3430 or michlkurtz@hotmail.com

 Legislative Engagement Committee – executes a strategy that influences legislative bodies, federally and statewide, interviews lawmakers, drafts bills, goes to Montgomery for meetings. Contact Earl Janssen (251-550-5039) or rosaearl@gulftel.com

Media Committee – executes a strategy to educate the public through newspapers, radio, TV, internet. We need writers, people who will serve as a liaison for their church/denomination, homeowners associations or any group that will get the work out. Contact Dan Hanson at 251-928-3430.

Multi-state Committee – links together non-profits that work with the poor and working poor in Gulf Coast states, educates and strategizes how to influence this issue as a region. How to participate: conference calls, workshops. Call Michelle Kurtz at 251-928-3430 or michlkurtz@hotmail.com

 Public Hearing Committee – submits letter of request to insurance companies and to the Alabama Department of Insurance (DOI) to review the rational of your insurance hike and then request that the DOI have a public hearing. Contact Ken Brown at (615-497-4850) braunschweig7007@aol.com

 Rallies Committee – executes brief 2 – 3 hour events events in public places that lift up the profile of HHII. How to participate: hand out fliers, make signs, come to a couple of planning meetings. Call Sarah Harris at 251-404-7834 or sarahharris1949@att.net

Speakers Bureau – seeks out speaking engagements, communicates with large and small audiences on the issue of insurance. We will train you and help you develop a speech. Contact Dave.jones1@gulftel.com or call 251-928-3430 and ask for Michelle.

Telephone Committee – each member will have a list which they will be responsible for communicating short messages, collecting information and reporting back.  Call Michelle Kurtz at 251- 928-3430 or michlkurtz@hotmail.com.

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Legislative Engagement Minutes 6/28 & 7/1/2011

Focus: decide how to impact the Governor’s Insurance Commission (assuming HHII has a seat); decide how to impact the Special Legislative Session.

We imagined the ideal agenda for the forthcoming Governor’s Insurance Commission and the ideal outcome.

After two hours, it was agreed to meet again Friday and continue the “Thinking Meeting.”   Here’s the current incarnation the which is very immature at this moment. . .

Strategy dealing with the Commission:
-- Push for reform deeper than just the Clarity Bill
-- Cite governors Call and Brooks statements regarding fundamental fixes
-- Pre-meet with Russell and all members
-- Spell out rules of order (Roberts or not?)
-- Open to the Public
-- Minutes
-- Creation of Committees allows hhii representative on each
-- Minority Report
-- Adequate number of meetings
-- No votes on first call
-- Ability to Caucus, call on hhii advisers
-- Public Comment time during each meeting

Before Commission Meeting:
Prepare in advance for Red Hearings and proposals that have miniscule-to-no impact.
-- tax increase on Alfa, decrease on others; various fraud bills, declarations of the need for more competition; various mitigation proposals; Governor’s proposed $25,000-Loan-and-Premium-Buy-Down-Plan; Captives & Reciprocals
-- Prepare to stipulate need for those that do no harm, and move quickly to meaty matters;
-- create committees to wrestle with details of miniscule-to-little impact matters;
-- Discuss Fundamental principles of Reform

Parity vs Risk-based Pricing
The ethics of Risk-avoidance
Define Insurance
When do assets built by years of premiums cease to belong to the insured?

-- Find Academics and other experts we desire
-- Research basic questions: (a) Total Flow of money in a Disaster (insurance, FEMA, Other)

Early in Commission meeting
-- Clearly Define the Problem, listing all its components, noting when things began to go wrong:

-- Dimensions of the Pain
-- Include a definition of the “functionally uninsured;”
-- Estimate the number of people insured by non-admitted companies in the coastal counties;
-- Paint Worst-case and Best-case Scenarios
-- Establish that hurricane models are wrong
-- Determine authenticity of class-based claims handling
-- Clarify re-insurance
-- Captives in Alabama

-- Establish Principles that apply when developing solutions to the problem;

-- Define insurance
-- Discuss “risk-aversion” vs “public good” principles in the solution
-- Solutions work for the poor and middle class homeowner, too

-- Call out own Experts

-- RMS and lady who invented modeling;
-- Proponents of Public Modeling
-- Robert Hunter
-- Coastal Band Research: Florida Institute (Pat and Lori)
-- Experts on  Un- admitted/ surplus lines in Alabama

Ideal Outcome of the Insurance Commission (from out point of view)
-- Strongly Recommend Passage of the Clarity Bill
-- Prohibit dumping people
-- Parity
-- Drag the non-admitted's & fly-by-night companies under stronger regulations
-- Require DOI to publish surplus vs admitted companies.
-- Create a state Catastrophe Fund
-- Bill of Rights/ Fair Payment of Claims/ Plain English Policies
-- Public Modeling
-- Strong plan that defeats Re-insurance price-gouging
-- Fraud Bill protecting consumer
-- Premiums to 2006 or pre-Ivan levels
-- Deal with Co-insurance stuff

 Updated 7/5/2011

ACT-II Steering Board Meeting 6/25/2011

-- meet monthly for several months; discuss fuundraising and bylaws at the next meeting, and other things;

-- agreed: each local ACT-II organization should pay dues. Agreed most churches would be able to pay very little, but cold help fundraising efforts initiated by staff. No amount was set. Asked staff to provide a budget showing the cost to ACT-II/ EMI of each local organization.

-- set an overnight retreat "somewhere nearby" for the first weekend in November, which is November 4 & 5. Deepen conversation about community change theory, prayer and do five-year strategic envisioning

Posted 7/3/2011

More information about earlier committee meetings can be found here

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