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Bryant says Coast insurance shouldn't rival mortgage costs

The Mississippi Clarity Bill requires insurance companies to report premiums collected and losses paid statewide by ZIP code. The Mississippi Affordable Wind Insurance Coalition, a faith-based group that pushed for the law, believes the numbers will show Coast residents are paying disproportionately high premiums.

Bryant congratulated MAWIC for getting the law passed unanimously.

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Posted 5/3/2015


MAWIC (MS HHII) report  that the MS Senate Insurance Committee unanimously passed the House version of the Property Insurance Clarity Bill that was passed unanimously last week on a floor vote in the House.

The Bill will now go to the Senate for a floor vote (the last hurdle). We hope that there will be no changes in the Bill when it gets to the Senate – there were no changes in committee. Not sure when the Senate floor vote will come, but our Coast legislators will keep us informed.

Rep. Richard Bennett told MAWIC he is going to get copies made of all the previous memory joggers and have them distributed to all the state senators. He added too that the one memory jogger that had the most impact on everyone at the capitol was the one that showed how much more money the public schools in Harrison County are now paying for insurance compared to the amount they were paying when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005.

Thanks be to God for this achievement! Thanks also to our hard working Coast legislators. They have all done a tremendous job.

Posted 2/19/2015 (hat tip to Bob Chatham)


A growing coalition of Coast property owners is pressing for state legislation that would require insurance companies to report what they pay in claims by ZIP code. But Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney told the Sun Herald on Wednesday he will order up the numbers without a legislative mandate.

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Posted 10/31/2014


Mississippi HHII successfully lobbied the city of Diamondhead to pass a resolution in support of the Coastal Band.  Kudos to Janis Floyd. They are also on the agenda for the Hancock County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on October 6. Unofficial reaction from one supervisor: “It is a no-brainer. The high property insurance premiums are the common denominator for the economic problems in our coastal communities.”

Posted 9/19/2014


Large crowd attends HHII meeting in Mississippi

The Mississippi crowd is burning it up, moving ahead very strongly with large public meetings in the works that will be build around passage of the Mississippi Clarity Bill and also development of the Mississippi Coastal Band contingent.

They are more fed up with the way they've been treated than Alabama people are -- which means they must be really, really fed up! Their experience with unfair payment of claims appears to be significantly worse than Alabama's after Ivan and an important forewarning to Alabama of what might happen in Alabama if the insurance cosmos isn't fixed in all its manifestations: premiums, deductibles, fair payment of claims and so on.

 Homeowners' insurance reform has now become a significant three-state effort in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, along with five other Atlantic states that are making progress.

Posted 8/22/2014

Insurance premium hikes highest in Mississippi

From SUN HERALD July 29, 2014

Average annual home insurance premiums in Mississippi increased 15.5% during the second quarter of 2014 - the largest hike of any of the 25 states that experienced increases, according to the Premium Report.

The average premium climbed to $1,170 a year. Premiums are compared only for companies listed with, Those companies represent only a small percentage of the property insurance market in Mississippi. For example, major insurers such as State Farm, Nationwide and Allstate are not included in the survey.

The survey found that, nationally, premiums rose to $829 during the quarter, about 2.1% higher than in the first three months of the year. But Mississippi was the only state where the percentage increase hit double digits. The state faces hurricanes and flooding in the southern half and tornadoes in the north.

"Because of all the factors that go into setting home insurance premiums, it's always difficult to pinpoint the reasons for fluctuations," says Jana Bell, Vice President of -- the parent company of "But policyholders in all states should consider ways to reduce how much they pay for coverage without diluting it."

In 2013, Mississippi ranked number 6 in the state for estimated insured catastrophic losses in the United States -- likely one of the biggest reasons for the premium increase.

The largest percentage decrease in premiums, according to the Premium Report, came in Montana, where policyholders paid annual average premiums of $690 during the period

Other states, other rates

The state with the largest average 12-month premium for the quarter was Oklahoma, where homeowners paid $1,597. The lowest average annual premiums were found in Oregon - about $431. offers comparative rates in 44 states on home and auto insurance from carriers such as Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, MetLife, Liberty Mutual, ASI, and Foremost.

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Posted 7/31/2014

Louisiana Clarity Law now on-line

The reports required by Act No. 427 of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session of the Louisiana Legislature including total direct losses by peril, the number of policies written and direct written premiums by year, zip code and parish can now be accessed on-line.  

Posted 6/7/2015


Click here to see the Bill

Watch interview on Fox 8, New Orleans

Updated 7/18/2014


LA State Rep. DeLano has gotten the Clarity Law passed out of the House Insurance Committee and now goes to the Senate.

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