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Alabama insurance special session possible in January

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The special legislative session that Gov. Robert Bentley has promised on the affordability and availability of homeowners insurance could come in early 2012. The governor and the chairman of his insurance commission said a special session is possible in January before the Legislature's regular session begins Feb. 7 or it could be called within the regular session.

The commission's chairman, Baldwin County Probate Judge Tim Russell, said the panel plans two more listening sessions: Guntersville City Hall at 6 p.m. on Sept. 26 and Decatur City Hall and Convention Center at 6 p.m. on Oct. 17.

The last two listening sessions will be followed by at least three meetings in Montgomery for the commission to hear from various experts, ranging from insurance actuaries to building code officials. Then the commission will work on proposed bills for the Legislature and possibly regulations for the insurance commissioner to consider.

Russell said the commission would like to have those to the governor in early January. That would leave the governor time to call legislators to Montgomery to focus on the insurance issue before their regular session, when the state budgets and hundreds of other bills would compete for attention. A special session within the regular session would require lawmakers to set aside all other bills for a week or two to work on insurance issues.

 Posted 9/18/2011

Gov. Robert Bentley urges consensus-building as insurance panel launches

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Gov. Robert Bentley charged the members of his insurance commission Monday to go forth, listen, and bring back solutions that meet broad agreement.

“The customers that are in this state, they need choice and they need affordability,” Bentley told the first meeting of the Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission. “I want you to be willing to go to different areas of the state and hear those people in those areas.”

He also told the group that reaching a consensus among consumers, insurers and other participants would be key to his calling a special state legislative session to enact reforms.

“I promised I would call a special session if you come up with a set of bills that everyone can agree with,” the governor said, adding that he didn’t want to risk the hundreds of thousands of dollars required for a special session without clear lines of agreement.

Three members who hadn’t been previously announced attended Monday’s meeting — Mobile County Engineer Joe Ruffer, who oversees the county’s building code enforcement; Clanton attorney Elizabeth Huntley and Montgomery resident Tom Malone. That brings the announced number of commission members to 30, including the chairman, Baldwin County Probate Judge Tim Russell.

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Posted 8/2/2011

Governor Bentley Creates Coastal Insurance Commission

On April 6, Governor Robert Bentley signed an Executive Order creating a commission to study and address the rising cost of insurance for coastal homeowners. The Governor’s Coastal Insurance Commission will address the need for affordable and comprehensive insurance for Alabama’s residents on the gulf coast and make recommendations to the Governor.

“The lack of affordable homeowners insurance for people who live on Alabama’s coast impacts the entire state far beyond the coastal communities in which their homes are located.” Governor Bentley said. “We must stop the rising cost of coastal insurance for the benefit of all Alabamians.”

The Governor’s Coastal Insurance Commission will consist of seven members appointed by the Governor. The Commission will make reports to Governor Bentley at his request.

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Updated 4/7/2011


Watch HHII-TV production on YouTube

Governor Bentley appointed a 30-member Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission which is supposed to fix the coastal and upstate insurance crisis. (This is the Commission that listened during a meeting at the Mobile Convention Center as dozens of speakers from a crowd of 700 people described insurance injustices they personally experience in the coastal counties.)

This special Commission held its first organizational meeting in Montgomery in late August. Each member of the Commission introduced him or herself and said a few words. Each gave their occupation. We edited the 90 minutes down to six. Count how many are tied to the insurance industry.

Governor Bentley's words are captured at the end of the video. Watch to see: Does he call on the committee to fix the insurance crisis or just address it?

Take the few minutes needed for to get this inside glimpse of Montgomery at work. Then . . . . . .help HHII and others figure out what to do next.  Come to an HHII meeting near you and share your opinion.

Posted 10/2/2011

Alabama Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission. E&I is proud to congratulate coalition member Homeowners' Hurricane Insurance Initiative (HHII) on their appointment to Governor Bentley's Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission. Michelle Kurtz will represent HHII on the commission, and as a community we look forward to hearing more about this important work and progress. The first commission meeting is scheduled for August 1st.

Posted 8/13/2011

Gov. Bentley adds 3 more to Alabama's state insurance panel

Jeff Amy, Press-Register Jul 13, 2011 - Show original item

Gov. Robert Bentley has added 3 more people to the panel that will examine the state’s insurance market and recommend improvements. they include: Rep. Joe Faust, R-Fairhope, Rep. A.J. McCampbell, D-Gallion, also a State Farm Insurance Cos. agent, & Darius Foster, a nonprofit executive and Republican activist who lives in Birmingham.

Spokesperson Ardis said no more additions are planned. She said Baldwin County Probate Judge Tim Russell, the group’s chairman, is working on scheduling the first meeting. The group is supposed to develop recommendations for a special legislative session that Bentley has pledged.

 Posted 7/13/2011

Gov. Bentley names 24 to insurance reform commission

Gov. Robert Bentley has named 24 people to a panel to examine and recommend improvements to the state’s insurance market, a commission meant to lead up to a special session of the Legislature on the subject that Bentley pledged.

The Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission will be led by Baldwin County Probate Judge Tim Russell, as reported earlier by the Press-Register. It also includes state Insurance Commissioner Jim Ridling, state Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee, lawmakers, insurance agents, policyholders and representatives of three insurers, according to information obtained Friday.  Other members are State Sen. Ben Brooks, State Rep. Steve McMillan, HHII's Michelle Kurtz, and Carl Schneider.

Russel said he hoped to again put forward the idea of a captive insurance company that could accumulate reserves tax-free and provide less expensive reinsurance to companies covering Alabama homeowners.

"I’m looking to get bills on paper that we can vote on in a special session," said state Sen Ben Brooks, R-Mobile. Brooks has successfully passed several bills, and has others that he hopes to make law. Brooks said he expected a special session in October or November, which implies three or four months for the commission to complete its work.

"The commission needs to give hope to citizens that insurance will live up to its calling to provide the way to recover after a catastrophe," said Michelle Kurtz of the Homeowners’ Hurricane Insurance Initiative, a citizens’ group pushing for lower rates.

Read complete 7/9/2011 article by Jeff Amy, Press-Register

Posted 7/9/2011

Baldwin County's Tim Russell likely to lead Bentley's insurance reform panel

Jeff Amy, Press-Register Jul 7, 2011 - Show original item

Gov. Robert Bentley could name an insurance reform task force before the end of the week, spokeswoman Jennifer Ardis said Wednesday. "We are working on it and we are very close to having all of the committee members in place," Ardis said.

Others in line to join the panel are state Sen. Ben Brooks,, a Mobile Republican who has authored a series of insurance changes, and state House Insurance Committee Chairman Mike Hill, a Columbiana Republican, McMillan said. Michelle Kurtz of Homeowners Hurricane Insurance Initiative also indicated that Bentley was considering her for a spot. Mobile insurance agent Carl Schneider has also said he is under consideration.

Posted 7/7/2011

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