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HHII-AL is working hard trying to focus the attention of the Governor on the validity of the Clarity Law Data and the need for him to direct the Dept. of Insurance to treat the coastal counties fairly. Our work is cut out for us. We met with his top policy advisors February 4, 2015. They were stunned when we showed them that for the last ten years the coastal loss in claims dollars per policy was lower than inland Alabama.

Posted 2/8/2015


Printout of HHII presentation to Government Networks Committee meeting, October 31, 2014.

Posted 3/8/2015

HHII Trivia Team the Hurricanes wins
Fairhope Sunset Rotary Battle of the Brains

An HHII team of very, very knowledgeable people won the First Annual Battle of the Brains trivia contest hosted by Fairhope Sunset Rotary Club January 27. The win earned $10,000 for Ecumenical Ministries, a long-time, widely respected service agency in Baldwin County. The team was called The Hurricanes.

An anonymous donor volunteered to put up $500 of the entry fee if other individuals would come up with the other $500. AC Leggett, Jerry Bergman, Michelle Kurtz, Dan Hanson and several others pitched in to pay the full amount.

The Hurricanes were among 11 teams that sponsored charities. Hargrove Engineers + Constructor and Justification for Higher Education came in a close second and third.

Posted 1/29/2015

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