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HHII, Homeowners' Hurricane Insurance Initiative is a part of ACT-II - All Churches Together - a faith based, Christ-centered organization which operates on principles of truth, respect and fairness to all races and classes. ACT-II was developed by Baldwin County pastors in conjunction with Ecumenical Ministries, Inc. Together we work on a wide variety of problems in both poor and affluent communities around the county. Our mission is to develop leaders and empower people to take democratic action to improve the quality of life in our communities using our dialogue to action church-based model and principles.  This particular initiative focuses on significantly lowering premiums, reliability of insurance companies, fair payment of claims and sustainable solutions.

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CBCC - Coastal Baldwin Churches Community Organization - is a member organization within ACT-II

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The Homeowners’ Hurricane Insurance Initiative (HHII) emerged in the fall of 2007 after listening to the concerns of the community. Homeowners’ Insurance sprang to the top of the list. HHII has done over 3000 listening visits, and over 75 research meetings with legislators and experts.

Nov. 20, 2008 HHII gathered a crowd of over 500 people where State Representatives Randy Davis, Joe Faust and Steve McMillan and State Senator Trip Pittman promised to significantly reduce the cost of premiums. Invited by our legislators, 37 of HHII members traveled to Montgomery in March 2009 to testify before the joint Banking and Insurance committee. HHII had large community meetings with legislators in April and November of 2009. On May 2010, all but two gubernatorial candidates pledged their support of transparency.

In January 2010 HHII started multi-state conference calls with 15 grassroots organizations as a way to establish a network of citizens who want to see a regional solution to this insurance crisis. HHII served on Gov. Bentley's Affordable Homeowners' Insurance Commission. In 2012 HHII's Clarity Law was passed.

Phase one of HHII started in August of 2008. This was a process of finding the tool that would enable citizens to know if they deserved rates 300 – 600% higher than the state average. Thanks to the Lord and the hard work of Sen. Pittman, the Clarity Bill was passed in 2012. In November 2013 the Clarity Law Data became available. Now it is clear that the coastal counties are have lower losses per policy than the rest of the state over the last 10 years.

Phase two has begun unifying the people of Mobile and Baldwin counties. Thanks to Rep. Faust, Phase three, is occurring simultaneously: reaching the rest of the State of Alabama and other coastal states to implement a robust and creative solution.

HHII has active groups in South Baldwin, the Eastern Shore, The Parkway, Whistler, Theodore, and Mid-Town. HHII is the Alabama organization in the Gulf Coast/ East Coast Coalition which links up 9 states.

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History of HHII

Starting in 2003 Coastal Baldwin Churches Community Organization focused on drug use among students. After working the community improvement model for three years the Baldwin County Board of Education established a random drug testing policy Spring 2007. 

In the Fall of 2007 CBCCO listened again to the concerns of the community and hurricane insurance surfaced as the number one issue.

This initiative has had over 30 meetings. We have done over 300 interviews and we have hosted 2 Community Listening Meetings on the issue of home owners’ insurance.  We have had 10 research meetings –
· Senator Tripp Pitman, and Senator Ben Brooks
· Representative Steve McMillan, Randy Davis and Joe Faust
· Tim Russell, former mayor of Foley and CEO of Baldwin Mutual and CEO of Alabama Captive, Inc., Revenue Commissioner of Alabama
· David Parsons, the Deputy Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Insurance
· Jim Ridling, the Commissioner of the Alabama department of Insurance
· Davy Jones, retired agent, 5 million dollar club of State Farm
· CEO of White Haven Insurance Co.

Nov. 20 we gathered a crowd of over 500 people where Reps. Davis, Faust and McMillan and Senator Pittman promised to significantly reduce the cost of premiums. The Homeowners’ Hurricane Insurance Initiative has expanded into Mobile and they have had four meetings.

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Read about the community interviews and research which led up to the formation of HHII

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These by-laws are a set of ideas cobbled together from comments and other documents assembled in prior ACT-II meetings.

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PICO Faith Based Community Improvement Model

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Jeffrey Stout and Jarrett Kerbel: Blessed are the Organized

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HHHII leaders in Mobile and Baldwin counties have been meeting with coastal legislators during the past few months to discuss implications of Clarity Law data. The HHII steering board believes the data shows that coastal premiums should return to the state average in 2015. The coastal average is $950 a year. (In fact, they believe premiums should have never been jacked up so high above the state average in the first place.)

nameState Senator Vivian Figures (Dem) – one of the Democratic sponsors of the bill – said the data “is just what we need.” In the picture are leaders from Mobile and Baldwin counties


State Representative Chris Pringle
(Rep) studied the data and said coastal counties should not be treated unfairly.

When Senator Trip Pittman (Rep) met with the Lillian chapter, he said he considered the data and the issue very significant and that he would use his abilities to bring about fair treatment of the coast. More than twenty people attended what was supposed to be a small research meeting, and are too numerous to name. Sally McKinney leads the discussion.

State Representative Steve McMillan said he would have to study the data more before committing to anything. He said he was surprised that the Alabama Department of insurance criticizes its own data because it includes losses from the 2011 Tuscaloosa Tornado tragedy.

The Alabama Department of Insurance believes the 2011 tornado losses should be excluded but all hurricane losses included, when determining if coastal residents have the same or lower losses than the rest of the state. (Even if the tornado losses are excluded and all hurricane losses included, coastal losses are marginally higher than the rest of the state, nowhere near three to six times higher.)

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In response to a question at Wednesday's (6/13/2012) press conference, Governor Bentley affirmed that he looked forward to a face to face meeting with representatives from HHII.

HHII recognizes the Governor has many claims on his time and we appreciate that he has been able to schedule an hour long working meeting with a small group from HHII's Advisory Board and/or Legislative-Engagement Committee on Monday afternoon, July 23.

The effectiveness of the Governor's Affordable Homeowners Insurance Commission has been widely questioned because it is so heavily loaded with insurance representatives.  HHII has sought the governor's ear for more than six months to discuss ways to give his commission a better chance of producing meaningful results. Although his staff indicated the governor would meet with HHII in February and then in May, no meeting has occurred. HHII is hopeful this latest attempt will provide an opportunity to discuss  with the Governor practical ways his commission can be helped to accomplish effective change.  HHII also wants to explore a multi-state solution, which the Governor could take the lead and be a leader of progressive regional action.

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1. We traveled Montgomery in March 2009 to testify before the joint Banking and Insurance committee of the Alabama congress.

2. Nov. 10, 2009 over 200 people gathered and heard our legislators promise to sponsor a bill that would make the Department of Insurance transparent so we can see premiums and claims county by county.

3. In January 2010 HHII started multi-state conference calls with other grassroots organizations as a way to establish a network of citizens who want to see a regional solution to this insurance crisis.

4. In March 2010 HHII crafted the DOI transparency bill and had a public hearing. It did not get refered for a vote, but that will be different next legislative session – 2011.

5. May 22, 2010 HHII had a Gubernatorial Forum where all candidates present affirmed their support for transparency in the DOI and a citizens's panel in the DOI.

6. In 2011 HHII reached out to grassroots organizations in Mississippi and Louisiana. We did two research meetings in each state with legislators and the Department of Insurance.

7. Now HHII is on the Governor's Affordable Homeowners' Insurance Commission.

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Do you realize that you have actually moved the minds of our legislators  from thinking we are crazy and they are not able to do anything to taking some sort of action and even admitting that if they are not lowering the premiums, they are not working on the problem.  You all have defined the issue and you all have defined what is an accurate way to measure success in this issue!

Do you realize that you all have moved the Mobile Press Register to cover this issue moMichellere in favor of the ordinary citizen rather than favor the insurance companies?  The article by Jeff Amy on April 7th (2009) was tops.  He described our work well, said we had 500 at the November (2008) meeting and over 200 at the April 6 (2009) meeting.
Do you realize that you all were the key witnesses to a special joint session of the Alabama House and the Senate?  You all put a face to how this issue is affecting people all along the Coastal States - it is not just whining rich people!

Do you realize that you had very little advertising and in just 8 days turned out 225 people to a follow up meeting!  Follow up meetings are always smaller.

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