Governor’s and Coastal Legislators’ Insurance Work Group


View PowerPoint presentation calling for creation of Work Group

The Coastal Insurance Work Group is designed to succeed. Its members: --

*  Have no conflict of interest or association with insurance companies; (an insurance advisory panel works with the Group)

*  Are residents of the coastal counties, (with exception of DOI and governor’s staff);

*  Are firmly committed to obtaining a solution – THIS YEAR

*  Are knowledgeable of the historical data, scope of the problem and the pain;

*  all are asked to meet 6 hours a day, two days a week.

All we’re waiting for, now, is the governor’s final blessing . . .

Posted 7/6/2015

Work Group Discussion Basis Documents

HHII is consulting with other members of the Work Group to formulate Rules of Order and Procedure to govern discussion, and a list of Stipulations, facts that all Work Group Members agree on.  Although these are still works in process, they cannot be edited on-line; if you have comments, contact any member of the work group. Links to the current versions are posted below.

Rules of Order


Posted 7/4/2015

Work Group Credentials

The Work Group has been selected based on people who have a strong commitment to finding solutions to the coastal insurance crisis, extensive time studying the issue, and significant understanding of the dimensions of pain. Of the 17 members:

*  Expect to work 6 hours a day, two days a week until done (except for legislators, who are asked to invest most of their attention during the last 30 days);

*  Four hold elected positions; all made the issue an explicit part of their campaign platform; together they represent affluent, working class, white, minority constituents;

*  Three represent or have close ties to the governor’s office; 1 is associated with the Alabama Department of Insurance; 1 is director of the new Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research;

*  Three have extensive, career-based knowledge of and experience with the insurance industry;

*  Thirteen live in Mobile or Baldwin counties;

*  Thirteen have a cumulative total of thousands of interviews with local residents about the crisis;

*  Fifteen have invested more than 200 hours studying the local issue; the majority has invested more than a 1,000 hours

*   All know what the Clarity Law is and have studied the data; all know the difference between a hurricane catastrophe model and a hurricane tracking model; sixteen have heard the arguments defending the radical new treatment of the coastal counties; twelve have extensive knowledge of the above;

*   Seven are current or retired successful business owners;

*  Two are professional community consultants with a cumulative total of 35 years of successful community problem-solving experience;

*   Twelve have experience producing and passing legislation and resolutions specifically associated with the coastal insurance crisis;

*   Eleven have worked on this problem in two or more states;

*   Nine are associated with counterparts working on the problem in eight other states.

*   An Extensive Advisory Board includes numerous elected officials, clergy, national and local insurance experts, attorneys, organizations in other states that are working on the same crisis, homebuilders, bankers, realtors and more.

Posted 7/4/2015

Governor and Coastal Legislators' Insurance Work Group,

Pray for the efforts of the Coastal Legislators to get the Governor and Coastal Legislators' Insurance Work Group up and running. We have spent the last three months focused on the injustice that the Department of Insurance (DOI) has allowed to happen to the Coastal Counties.  March 18, in Montgomery, HHII did a power point that showed the obvious discrimination. Then on April 1st the DOI called a meeting with the legislators directly trying to answer to our power point. Rep. Faust and Senator Pittman made it clear that we were not going to step back. We want a work group that will deliver a solution that will significantly bring down our premiums.

Posted 5/3/2015


On March 18, 2015, about 30 people crowded into a small Montgomery conference room to demonstrate to the Governor's staff that coastal insurance premiums are unjustly high and ask him to appoint Coastal Insurance Working Group to immediately begin crafting a Plan for Fair Property Insurance Premiums, Deductibles and Availability in Alabama. In addition to five members of the governor's staff including his chief of staff, most of our coastal legislators, representatives from the Cities of Mobile and Fairhope and Baldwin County Commission, four members of HHII, and three members of the Department of Insurance. The meeting went very well. Although the time was limited, HHII was able to present its key Power Point slides, which helped impress the idea that DOI methods (and attitudes) are systemically biased against the coast. At the conclusion of the meeting , David Connor, the Baldwin County lawyer, gave the “closing statement” which captured everyone's attention. Finally, the Governor’s Chief of Staff said he would make sure that Governor Bentley saw the request for the working group by the end of that day. HHII is grateful to Representative Joe Faust, who has taken a hard stand and vowed that "we're not backing up," for helping to set up this meeting. Since then, Insurance Commissioner Ridling has been trying to meet with coastal legislators to pry them away from taking the next steps, and undo the progress and momentum built in that meeting.

 Posted 3/25/2015

Alabama Coastal Insurance Authority

The Governor’s Work Group proposes to cut wind premium by 50% while YOU will only pay for actual claims that occur, not the potential losses predicted by the  catastrophe models!

Legislation (HB321, SB298) has been inroduced to create the Alabama Coastal Insurance Authority (ACIA).  Read the Bill point paper & Frequently Asked Questions to understand how the ACIA will do the job.

Read Mark Fowler (Chief of Staff ADOI)'s remarks before the Al House Insurance Committee.

Updated 3/22/2016


The final report of the Coastal Insurance Work Group was presented to Gov. Bentley on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. The executive summary is a decent overview but the multi-state solutions get better coverage starting at page 19.

HHII feels strongly that the ACIA (AL only option, a possible model for multi-state) and multi-state have to be implemented in close succession if not simultaneously or else AL could be swinging in the breeze. ACIA is a strong solution, but it is the multi-state solutions that bring robust resilience, sustainability and all kinds of possibilities for financing community mitigation.

Posted 1/23/2016


A brief recap of recent events:

a. On March 18 Rep. Faust landed a very powerful meeting with Alabama Department of Insurance (ADOI). 25 Legislators, 5 Governor staffers, 2 Insurance lobbyists, 4 ADOI members gathered and saw the powerpoint that HHII presented showing how the ADOI was treating the Coastal Counties radically different than the rest of the State, even though Coastal claims have been lower. The ADOI did their presentation. HHII's ASK was that the Governor bless the forming of a Coastal Insurance Work Group and Seth Hammond, the Chief of staff said that this was reasonable and he would make sure that the Governor would see a copy of the ASK by the end of that day.

b. Then, on April 1st the ADOI called a meeting with the same group, but did not invite HHII. ADOI claimed that they would be presenting information that would make an Insurance Work Group irrelevant. Rep. Faust slapped a recorder on the table and we heard our Coastal Legislators going to bat for the Work Group. (incidentally, key HHII leaders have talked to every Coastal Legislator and they are with HHII).  The message was clear – Give us the Work Group.

c. For the last three weeks Rep. Faust, Sen. Pittman and HHII have worked together to craft a mission statement and recruited a top notch group of people to meet two days a week, six hours each day and deliver solution frameworks to the Governor in 120 days. There has been a lot of going back and forth, give and take, starting over BUT,

d. Just yesterday (6/12/20150, Rep. Faust about burst a blood vessel trying to get the Governor's staff people to give HHII an appointment with the Governor.  HHII has not given up on this and stands with Rep. Joe. HHII believes that the Governor is surrounded by the wrong counselors on this coastal insurance crisis and if he could hear a clear presentation of the facts and the solutions he would be opening doors for us.

e. This week HHII, Rep. Faust and Sen. Pittman are putting the (hopefully) final touches on the mission statement and composition of the Work Group. Please pray for Rep. Joe and Sen. Trip.

Please go to HHII's new public group on Facebook and recommend to your friends that they join.

To learn more facts and how you are needed to help turn this around, come to one of the planning meetings listed at right.

Posted 6/13/2015


Governor Bentley ordered the Alabama Department of Insurance (ADOI) to craft a working group with Rep. Faust and Sen. Pittman, but the ADOI is intentionally stacking the group against the best interest of the citizens.

To learn the facts and how you are needed to help turn this around, come to one of the update meetings listed at right.

Posted 6/7/2015

Executive Order Creating Insurance Work Group

When the Governor’s Chief of Staff assured HHII that Governor Bentley would see the request for the working group, our hope was that the Governor would authorize the group  by issuing an Exeutive Order. To this end, HHII prepared  a preliminary draft of such an order.

Posted 6/7/2015

Work Group Update 5/20/2015

We have been keeping it low profile for months, but the Governor's and Coastal Legislators' Insurance Work Group (Work Group) has been in the making and is in its final steps. Please be praying that this Work Group have the right people on it.

Posted 6/7/2015

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