Outline of letter to Governor Bentley


Dear Governor Bentley,

My friends and I are reading and hearing that you have stepped forward to lead our state toward reform of how we find and pay for our property insurance. We pray for and ask blessings on your success.

As someone who struggles to make ends meet on a fixed income, I am, like many others, facing increased medical costs as well as ever higher prices for everything.  My resources stretch only so far.  A few years ago I could handle my homeowner’s insurance, at about $800 per year, pretty much the same as everyone else.  In the past four years though, the cost has gone to about $3500, and the deductible for wind damage is up from $1000 to $7500—5% of my home’s value!  My savings are rapidly shrinking.  I’d like to sell my house and find something less expensive, but with insurance so hard to get there are no buyers, even at today’s low home prices.  If my health fails, I don’t know what I will do.  Most of my friends are in their 60s or older and share these fears.

Every day I pray that you will get us out of this awful ditch and back on a path we can follow.  I supported you, and depend on you, as do my neighbors.  Please help, and please keep us informed about what you are doing.

Kindest regards,
Bessielou Smithers  


#  Hand write the letter in your own words, based on your own actual experience.

#  Mention things you were unable to afford because of your premium cost, such as going to your daughter's wedding, a trip to see a dying relative, etc.

#  Stress things with an economic impact on local business, such as not replacing an aging roof, making do with your old clunker of a car, giving up your monthly trip to the beauty parlor, no more restaurant meals, etc.

#  Personal hardship, like 'My son can’t get a job. (Do you realize, governor, how many jobs have been lost because of the extra hundreds of millions of dollars siphoned out of our state and county economies by these extraordinary premiums?)

#  Send in hand-addressed envelope to:

Governor Robert Bentley
Alabama State Capitol
600 Dexter Avenue
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Be sure to indicate a return address