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Committee News

This page is intended to provide a listing of all committees, including members, and purpose.  Agendas for future meetings and minutes of past meetings will also be posted.  Please send information to colinkeleher@ieee.org.


Reports submitted 3/4/2010


PUBLICITY COMMITTEE (Previously Media Committee)

We have divided Publicity into SEVERAL categories.  Volunteers participate in each of these categories. The following is a recap of our effort.



Noon News, channel 15, WPMI, NBC network featured Sara Harris and (another individual) on their community segment.

WFAB, 1220 AM radio with Lori Dubose featured Tom Lantz and Betty Gurley interview, Feb. 19th.

Press Register reporter, George Talbot, who writes Political Skinny met for over an hour with members of HHII on Feb. 22nd.

9pm news on Channel 10, WALA, Fox network with Bob Grip featured Charles Hall & Betty Gurley on March 3rd on a hurricane special segment.

Still Seeking a meeting with publisher and/or editorial board of Press Register.



A Speakers Bureau has been formed. Davey Jones continues to train participants to be well equipped for delivering a forceful message.

Several speaking engagements addressing groups, clubs, etc. have already taken place. A.C. Leggett addressed Senior Citizens in Mobile; Stan Virden addressed group in Fairhope; Davey Jones to address Foley Lions Club on Mar 23. 

Commitments continue to be sought and placed on the calendar for upcoming dates.  Please let me know about opportunities to discuss “Lowering our insurance premiums”.



Press Releases are being distributed to all media by Ken Brown regarding meeting dates and other activities of HHII.

Flyers are being designed for a public Rally being organized by Sara Harris.


Rallies 2010 Report

The meeting went very well and good attendance. Our next meeting will be on March 10th at Faith Temple at 10:30 am.                                                                       .

Mr. Charles Hall has agreed to be our spokesperson for the rally. Linda Wilson is the chair of poster committee, and Elder Essex Crawford is chair of the flier committee. We also discussed the possibility of having t-shirts for the rally or when we go to Montgomery to rally in front of the capitol.


The date of the first rally will be on March 27th from llam to 2pm at the Mablis mall. Mr. Charles Hall.Mr. Johnny Chaney, and myself will be visiting Mablis mall to see what the best location for the rally this Saturday. Also, Johnny will be responsible for obtaining permit for rally.

We began distributing fliers this weekend in Fairhope and Daphne. We decided what will be on the posters and next fliers for date of rally. Mrs. C. Murphy was unable to attend but has agreed to help us with the printing of more fliers. Elder Crawford will be contacting local
radio stations for advertisement of rally.

Respectfully submitted by,
Sarah Harris, chairperson


The Alliances Committee

This is a committee-of-one right now, and needs to be grown.

Meetings with the ...

Eastern Shore Chamber of Conunerce
Baldwin County Homebuilders' Association

Alabama Arise - statewide organization of organizations
Equity and Inclusion - three-state organization

A couple Daphne city councilmen

Baldwin Home Schoolers Association

Habitat for Humanity, Baldwin County

Eastern Shore Affordable Housing

Old Dauphin Way Community Association (Mobile)
Fowl River Conununity Organizaton (Mobile)
Hollingers' Island Homeowners' Association (Mobile)


... have all gone well, so far. All express strong interest. Some have

gotten onboard. A couple, such as the municipalities, say they'll develop specific resolutions of support once the Transparency Bill has been introduced in the State Legislature.

Next steps: a) increase the size of the Alliances Committee; (b) arrange meetings with other organizations in Mobile and Baldwin county; (c) encourage peer-education between organizations hat agree to support the Transparency Bill (peer-education meaning something like the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce encouraging backing by the South Baldwin and Mobile chambers, for example)


Contact Dan Hanson (928-3430) to serve on this committee.




Alliance Committee

  • Minutes of Feb 11, 2008 meeting 

Download SKYPE – It is free!!! 

We are expanding our abilities to “talk” to each other!!  Last week the Legislative Engagement Committee met by SKYPE.  Earl and Michelle were in Foley and we had on the phone people from Ono Island, Daphne, Hollingers Island and the Parkway!!  Excellent.


If you want to be able to join in and sit at home in your PJs  Download SKYPE – It is free!!!  First check to see if you have a microphone on your computer.  If not, you can buy one at Office Depot for 10$.


Enter <Skype.com/download> It should download real fast.  Then you have to put 5$ of credit in the account.  There are two ways of using this – computer to computer, which is free.  The other way is  computer to phone, so if you do not have a computer I can call you into the conference call and it is .02$ a minute.  This saves so much money in gas.  I will be trying to set meetings up so that we can use this technology.  It will require mire patience.


Please call Michelle 895-3902 if you have any questions!!